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Revitalising Massage Wax
Revitalising Massage Wax
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01.Muscle Soother Massage Wax
02.Taster Pack (6 x 5ml pots)
03.Muscle Soother Massage Wax
04.Stress Buster Massage Wax
05.Mellow Massage Wax
06.Revitalising Massage Wax
07.Neutral Massage Wax
08.Mellow Massage Wax
09.Neutral Massage Wax
10.Refreshing Massage Wax

Why use/choose Emerease natural blends massage wax?

Emerease massage wax is just so lush. We have developed a beautiful range using a Variety of different essential oils and all the ingredients are totally natural – nothing synthetic has been used. We also use shea butter in all our recipes as this gives the wax a soft velvety feel not to mind the benefits it has on the skin. We feel that this range is an excellent quality product that is value for money. We aim to ensure that the therapist and client will be so impressed with our products that this will be the preferred choice as a massage medium.

How do I use Emerease massage wax?

First of all we would recommend doing a patch test on a client who has not used this product before. You can do this by rubbing a small amount in the crook of their arm and check to see if the skin goes red or reacts in another way. If everything is ok just apply a small amount in the palm of your hands and simply massage onto the body. The warmth of your hands will soften and melt the wax suffiently allowing you to glide over th skin. Simply apply less if you want more grip. We recommend you use a spatula if using a jar on various clients to avoid cross infection.


What are your delivery and handling charges?

We aim to post orders from the UK within 3 working days of receipt of the order. Orders under 500g will be sent  via royal mail. Orders over 1kg will be sent by a trackable courier. Please see table below. Due to the risk of unexpected delays we ask that you allow for up to 10 days to receive your order.  If you do not receive your goods after this time please contact us as soon as possible so that we can contact the delivery company and investigate the problem. Different prices will apply for orders outside the UK so please contact us directly for this information.

Delivery Price

Weight Prices
0 - 500g £2.99
501g - 1kg £4.50
Over 1kg £5.99

How should the product be stored?

Emerease massage wax should be stored at room temperature out of direct sunlight. Ideally the temperature should not fluctuate to much.

What is the shelf life of the product?

Emerease massage wax is a new product and is in its infancy so we cannot give an exact shelf life of the product at this stage. However, we can say that all the ingredients used in making all the blends in the range have a shelf life of over 24 months and on this basis we would recommend that the product be used within 12months. In addition to this we add natural Vitamin E oil to all our blends as this is a powerful natural antioxidant which can further increase the shelf life of our products as well as having the added benefits to the skin. Further more we have chosen to use sunflower oil in all our products which contains a high percentage of vitamin E oil, thus further increasing the shelf life of our product.

How long does a jar of massage wax last?

This can vary depending on the type of massage you are giving and how dry the client’s skin is. You may choose to use more wax if you are giving a full body massage or a hot stones massage. However, if you are giving a sports massage you may use less to ensure that you get more of a grip on the tissue. We do find that a little goes a long way and there is less wastage through spills. On average a 100ml jar would last for about 5-10 full body massages or 20-25 sports massages.

Why do you use shea butter in your products?

We use raw certified fair-trade organic shea butter because of it’s soothing and therapeutic properties. It is known to nourish cracked, aged and damaged skin whilst helping to heal bruising and soreness. Adding shea butter to our recipes adds a touch of luxury because it really does make the product feel richer and silkier and moisturises the skin. Not only will your clients love the different blends but they will love the soft velvety feel of their skin after.

Are all your ingredients organic?

No. Where possible we have tried to source organic ingredients. However organic does not necessarily mean sustainable and we ensure that all our ingredients are totally natural and have been sourced from ethical and sustainable sources. We also use fair-trade ingredients, such as our raw shea butter, and support local growers such as using Organic English lavender where at all possible. All our blends are at least 95% organic, if not more, so we are looking into gaining organic status with the soil association.

Are your products tested on animals?

No. We hand make all our products and only use ingredients from reputable suppliers that can guarantee they have not been tested on animals.

What is the impact on the environment?

We believe in ensuring that our impact on the environment is minimal. Wherever possible we use resources that are either recyclable such as our jars, or can be reused such as the jiffy bags. We also reuse as much as we can, e.g. we reuse the packaging that our ingredients and resources are delivered in. We are always striving to find ways to reduce our environmental impact further – such as currently trying to find alternative jars to use for our free samples.

Can Emerease massage wax be used during pregnancy?

Currently the safest blend that can be used during pregnancy is the neutral blend as this does not contain any essential oils. We are looking at expanding our range further in the near future and aim to include a pregnancy range.

Am I insured to use pre blended massage waxes?

If you are buying our product to use on other people, such as a therapist to use on clients, we would recommend that you first check with your insurance provider to confirm that your policy will cover you.  

Do your products have a safety cerificate?

Yes. We have a safety certificate to cover all the ingredients we use. All our blends that contain essential oils do not exceed the recommend 1% concentration of essential oils in total as guided by the safety certificate.